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Water Drop Rose Gold Plated Jewellery Set from Niscka

Women and diamonds are a combination of best friends ever after. They are a pair which cannot be separated or compared to any other jewellery. Women’s patience is always compared to diamonds. They are strong and every move they make is with full precision and compassion. Diamonds reflect the best of women’s world. 

Diamonds are an integral part of a woman's journey. Jewellery made of natural diamonds is passed on to generations as a legacy. All embrace this precious jewellery. The natural diamonds are the ones to keep on and pass it to your family generation. They are expensive and just invaluable! 

When there is so much value in a single stone, the price value is also more and it is no common man’s cup of tea to buy them. But we know women love them so much, so as a jewellery brand it's our responsibility to bring the best for you at the most affordable pricing without compromising your budget. 

Niscka is a brand of artificial jewellery collection. The collection is handcrafted. The materials used in making the jewellery are of the best grade. They are enriched with love from our side. The designs are contemporary and follow a timeless legacy. 

We use American Diamonds which are made in the laboratory. They are commonly known as cubic zirconia. The difference which you can recognize is the light it gives off. The natural diamonds give off white light and the cubic zirconia give off rainbow colored light dispersion. One more major difference between the two is price value. The cubic zirconia is available at a cheaper rate.     

Rose Gold Plated Jewellery

Niscka has an exquisitely beautiful American Diamond Necklace with a Rose Gold Plated body just for you! The Diamonds embedded are cushion, round and pear cut. The jewellery set is light in weight. It is new in our collection and has one of the fanciest and latest designs. Handcrafted with love and care only for the women like you!  

How to take care of your plated jewellery? 


Plated Jewellery is to be handled very cautiously. The plating can fade if the jewellery comes directly in contact with water or moisture. The body sweat also plays a major part in the plating of the jewellery. Keeping them away from water and in different pouches is the best way to keep them secure.      `

Niscka wants to share with you jewellery designs which are timeless and contemporary. The ones which you can cherish for this lifetime. We have exemplary designs with excellent quality, shine and durability.  Shop Niscka jewellery and make your jewellery collection a pretty one for this era! 

Happy Shopping with Niscka!

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