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Wedding Jewellery Every Indian Bride Should Wear

A wedding is a time to celebrate the significant commitment of unconditional love. It's the greatest celebration of love, abundance, and elegance. Everything about weddings, starting from deciding the theme is of great importance to make the day memorable. Indian wedding is of many rituals and ceremonies. Every moment is all about joy and celebration of love. India has a rich culture and when it comes to weddings India brags about unique, culturally rich wedding ceremonies that run from elegant and sophisticated to beautifully complex. And the part of complexity stems from the concept that when an Indian couple marries, entire families and communities are involved. It is traditionally been considered as a marriage of two families, rather than just a marriage of the bride and groom.

Undoubtedly, the focus is always on the bride at a wedding. In any ceremony of wedding whether sangeet, mehendi, haldi, or the wedding the bride will be the prettiest in the whole gathering. She grabs the whole eyes on her as she walks down the aisle adorned in the finest design of clothes and jewellery. Every bride wants that her look should be as beautiful as her wedding day. India has a rich culture in wedding dresses and wedding jewellery. Wedding jewellery is like a soul to the whole wedding look. If you’re the next lucky woman, preparing to tie the knot with the love of your life and who is going to become a beautiful bride then you should start deciding on the best wedding jewellery for your special day. Get your dress done, and choose the waterproof mascara and every cosmetic that you want. Niscka will help you to choose the best essential jewellery that will make you look stunning and ethereal on your big day. Here is the list of the Niscka’s best and most beautiful wedding jewellery

Maang tikka

A maang tikka is a piece of jewellery that is worn by Indian women on the forehand. It is worn to protect the bride from the evil eye and negative energy. No bride is complete without the maang tikka on her forehead. Maang tikka is styled in many ways and in different designs, that will suit your forehead nature or the look you seek for. If your forehead is small you can go for a light maang tikka that will complement your look and give you the stunning look. If you have a broader forehead then you should prefer a heavier maang tikka which will give elegant look to your wedding look. Maang tikka is usually designed to complement the whole wedding jewellery.

American Diamond Rhodium Plated Brown Stones Maangtikka



The next most important wedding jewellery is the necklace. It elegant and well-crafted look of the necklace gives the alluring look to your appearance. It not only beautifies the neck but also the whole wedding look of a bride. There are many types of necklaces, and one can choose according to the theme of attire or the taste of jewellery. Niscka’s set of necklaces must be on your list.

24k Gold Plated Red Pearl Choker Necklace Set


Rani Haar

Rani haar, as the name suggested is the necklace of the queen. It is longer than the necklace and gives a royal wedding look. It has various layers and a pendant. Rani haars have been studded with rubies, emeralds or diamonds, and pearls and gives a gorgeous and royal touch to them. Being an Indian bride you can’t deny wearing Rani Haar.

Pewter Meenakari Rani Necklace Set



Mangalsutra is an Indian pendant necklace or an auspicious thread that is tied around the Hindu bride’s neck during the wedding ceremony. Mangalsutra connects them emotionally, through their souls, and mentally and makes their dreams into reality. And talking about Indian brides the mangalsutra is essential wedding jewellery that a woman wears. It is said that the mangalsutra is safeguarding her married life.

Flower American Diamond Mangalsutra



If we have decided about a necklace and rani haar how can we go with our bare ears? In the entire wedding jewellery earrings is the important factor that is needed. Your earrings should complement your jewellery and they should not be heavy. Earring is something you have to put on the entire day so it is needed to be light in weight. Earring looks like a small piece of wedding jewellery but it is the most noticeable jewellery. So it is important to have the most beautiful and elegant pair of earrings in your wedding look.

24K Gold Plated Kundan Stone Drop Earring



Indian brides are known for their rich and trendy choice of bangles. Wedding jewellery is incomplete without bangles. Wearing bagels symbolizes health, luck, and prosperity. Bangles adorning her arm give the stunning look to her wedding look.

Antique Gold Plated Kada Bangles



Anklets are worn by Indian brides for more than one reason. Anklets are magnificent pieces of jewellery that Indian brides wear to enhance or complete their beauty. Anklet depicts good fortune and happiness. And it's the reason that men of the family shower respect on her. It is a feminine energy that will convert normal feet into divine feet when paired with mehendi and toe rings.

Multi-Color Anklet Payal



Rings are an important component of wedding jewellery. As a bride, your finger will be filled with the engagement ring but why set a limit for your wedding look? Make your wedding look extraordinary with gorgeous rings. These heavy rings will perfectly complement your wedding jewellery and will sparkle your wedding day.

Traditional Gold Plated Kundan Adjustable Ring



Nath is the most beautiful decorative facial jewellery that will give a glam look to your bridal appearance. If you have chosen heavy attire then Nath will be the best addition to your bridal look. Nath gives the ethnic statement.

Bridal Traditional Pearl Nathiya


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