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Your Jewellery Preference: Gold Plated and Silver Plated

Your Jewellery Preference: Gold Plated and Silver Plated

Our Jewellery preferences have changed with time. While choosing or buying jewellery women look keenly into designs, materials, colors and whatnot. Women want choices, endless choices. I would not lie, women can take hours to decide on just one piece before buying or maybe just for wearing it. And as we know, we have tons of options in markets, both Gold Plated and Silver Plated. But first, we will give a brief explanation about what is plating.    

Plating on Jewellery

Plated Jewellery has the base of alloy metals, usually copper and brass, and then they are coated with a thin layer of different metals. In the scenario here, metals would be plated either in gold plating or silver plating, then they are given an electric current to bond two metals together, ensuring longevity and durability. Gorgeous shiny materials, with Gold Plating and Silver Plating, just to add elegance to your whole look. Niscka is a jewellery store, in which you’d find jewellery in both Gold Plating and Silver Plating. 

Gold Series

We have a pretty golden pair of Jhumkas with a shine of the precious pink stone.

A classic Gold Plated Necklace with Diamonds.

Silver Series

An elegant pair of Silver Body Earrings

A fancy pair of Lotus Designed Necklace Set is tempting!

    Some Benefits of Buying Plated Jewellery

    • They are just like high-end jewellery, with a beautiful appearance and versatile designs.
    • Allows creativity in the jewellery-making business because materials are not costly.
    • They are low in price, not expensive like real jewellery.
    • Does not require any maintenance because it does not tarnish.
    • Sells better online, otherwise buying high-end products in person prefers shopping in person.


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