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American Diamond Necklace Set by Niscka

Diamonds are a woman's best friend. You cannot deny the fact and only accept it! Every woman has a special jewellery collection in which Diamond Jewellery is a must. They are highly versatile and look best with everything you wear. Their striking lustre attracts both women and men.

The American Diamond used in Jewellery is made in the laboratory (man synthesized materials) and are popularly known as Cubic Zircons in the Jewellery industry. They are not as tough as Real Diamonds but their appearance makes them alluring to many women. 

Usually, jewellery like American Diamond Necklace and Maang Tikka Sets are used once in a while when there is some kind of celebration or a new wedding. On the other hand, Jewellery with CZ-like Earrings, Bracelets and Rings can be adorned regularly. They can be changed according to your desire and choice of outfit for the day.

A range and designs of jewellery collection is the need for the moment. The upcoming weddings and festivals demand something unique and flawless for your whole look. A thing with Diamond Jewellery is that you can wear them with your Indian as well as Western ensembles effortlessly. They look perfect with everything when you carry them with confidence, grace and a big smile on your face! 

AD Earrngs

American Diamond Necklace Set by Niscka

Niscka has a new collection of American Diamond Jewellery. They are decorated with Hydro Glass stones, to present a mesmerising shine for your special occasions. A shine which is subtle but looks as elegant and beautiful as ever! These are the Jewellery you must have in your collection. Deciding for a wardrobe can be easy but matching jewellery with it could give you a tough time. For a tip, we would suggest you should keep at least three types of American Diamond accessories.

First are the Earrings, second are Bracelets and the third are Rings and last but not least, a Pendant. But for now, we would like to showcase our new American Diamond aka Cubic Zircon Stones with the Hydro Stones. They are Plated with Rhodium Polish and the shine is just magnificent. The best part about it? The jewellery is nickel-free and anti-allergic. Here we go! 

A multicolor American Diamond is a must-have! The exclusive shine and design make it the most versatile and can be matched with almost all your designer ensembles. They have both Hydro and normal stones including Cubic Zirconia's in the design. The asymmetrical design makes it a perfect choice! The colorful stones make it possible to match most of your dresses. A colorful American Diamond Necklace Set for versatility and embracing the colors of life!

Next, we have a Ruby Red Hydro stone embellished Necklace Set. The design is simple but the bright red color is the magic element of the necklace which makes it the most attractive one from our new Collection. You can match this with your black gowns, red base saree or maybe silver or white ensembles. They will go perfectly well with this one. A styling tip for this one: only silver embroidered wardrobes are better, a golden color ensemble may not be the right match for this one! Do try and let us know your experience.

The Necklace Set crafted with Marquise-cut American Diamonds makes it a special one for every woman! The design is new. The charm of the Necklace is the fine-cut Diamonds shining magnificently. They are best to match with all the green, white and black wardrobes! The set is handcrafted with precision and perfectly carved marquise cut AD. The green emerald stone beneath the necklace makes it alluring. A design which can be found nowhere but with Niscka!

Select from the new collection and pick the most fantastic one for yourself. Upcoming festivals and wedding season are around the corner. We have multiple offers going on for the new American Diamond Collection. Click here and it’ll lead you to the new collection.

Happy Shopping!

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