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Best Jewellery for Indian Weddings

Indian Weddings are the most exuberant and thrilling occasions for everyone. The experience is exceptional! The fun, food, laugh and tears of joy at the end, including all the emotions. The tiring nights of hard work and perseverance to present everything the best for the family and guests. The days are tiring as well as equally overwhelming for the people.

The best part about these weddings is the dress-up! The dress-up game should be strong and the best of all. Every woman wants to be the best dressed in the room. From the starting days of the occasions till the bride leaves with the husband. Everything is filled with glamour and glitter.

The bride has to be the number one of all the women that’s for sure. She plans these beautiful days with utmost dedication. Except for the bride, your decision regarding your jewellery and wardrobes also matters a lot even if it’s not your wedding. Every woman wants to be the beautiful one in the room.

Best Jewellery for Indian Weddings

Every woman looks graceful and elegant when she wears her favorite accessory, that is her smile. A smile makes everyone perfect including all their flaws. When one is happy and satisfied from the inside the beauty automatically reflects on their face. But besides this, some Jewellery added to your look makes you feel amazing and also glamorous. Choosing the right jewellery for your ensembles is also important.

A pair of beautiful Jhumkas and a Maang Tikka with your Indian Traditional looks are the best. Earrings, Jhumkas, Maang Tikka, Necklace, Bracelets, Pendants and Bangles and including everything else, are a must-have in your jewellery collection. Niscka has everything you need for your wedding occasions.

The Jewellery is designed with Kundan Stones, Meenakari Designs and American Diamond and everything in between. The beautiful freshwater faux pearls and colorful beads and stones. Our jewellery is designed with the best materials and they are anti-allergic to give an exceptional wearability experience. 

We will describe our beautiful range of Jewellery collections and styles you can choose for your next upcoming Wedding occasion or maybe you can have an idea about how to go with them. Jewellery consists of various materials as we mentioned above. But choosing the right one according to your wardrobe can give you a tough time. Here’s the list you decide on and pick the best for yourself. 

Meenakari Necklace Sets

Meenakari Designing is the most famous one from ancient times. They have been embraced for a long time because of their fine detailing with florals and architectural designs. The use of different colors needs great dedication. A beautiful Meenakari Set of Earrings or Necklace Sets can do wonders for your look. Pick one Meenakari-designed Jewellery according to the color of your wardrobe and be the most fancifully dressed in pretty colors in the room! 

It’s the best choice for wedding day jewellery. You can always pick the color of your choice and if you need something beautiful with detailing, Meenakari is the one. It’s a perfect match for ensembles with the florals. Mostly all the Meenakari have a little Kundan Stone embellishment in the jewellery. Meenakari and Kundan make a great pair together! A flawless match to embrace every inch of your whole look. 

Meenakari Kundan Set by NisckaMeenakari Kundan Set by Niscka

Kundan Maang Tikka Sets 

Kundan Maang Tikkas are the new trends. They are admired mostly by all the women. The flat body Maang Tikkas are admired much these days. They are decorated with different colors of stones and beads including the Kundan Stones. Their body is usually Gold Plated because that’s what suits the Kundan Stones the most. Nowadays Polki Kundan Stones are admired the most.

They are famously known as uncut diamonds and you must have seen the beautiful Bollywood divas like Alia Bhatt and Katrina Kaif on their wedding day adorned with the Kundan Jadau and Polki Diamond Jewellery. Pick the best for yourself and the Maang Tikkas with Kundan Stones look magnificent with Indian Traditionals. 

Kundan Maang Tikkas with a pair of Earrings are the ones you need in your wedding jewellery collection!

Kundan Maang Tikka Set by NisckaKundan Maang Tikka Set by Niscka

Jhumka Earrings 

Heavy Jhumkas are the best pick for Indian Traditionals; they are no less than magic for some ensembles. Big jhumka with multiple bells and colorful round beads is what you need for your Indian Traditional outfits. On Haldi and Sangeet days, they can be a perfect choice. Usually, girls prefer Jhumkas which are light in weight because they are easy to carry. Niscka has a beautiful range of American Diamond Studded Jhumkas including the bells. Also, for your information, there is no Jhumka when the earrings do not have bells. Jhumkas essentially means earrings with bells.

Jhumka Earrings by Niscka

American Diamond Necklace Sets 

The Cubic Zircons are made in the lab and they have a similar shine just like Natural Diamonds. They are not strong like natural diamonds but they are very similar in appearance. American Diamond Sets with Hydro stones embellishment are loved by all and they are in the trends. They are a match for almost all wardrobes. Highly versatile and luxurious designs bring you the ease you need for your luxury-looking jewellery collection. 

These Hydro Glass Stones have a spectacular shine. A combination of both is just amazing for occasions like receptions and cocktail parties. These parties have a very elegant theme rather than the whole vibe of Traditional. The themes are mostly lavish. American Diamonds with the striking shine of Hydro Glass stones are the absolute best you can choose.

Hydro Stone CZ Set by NisckaHydro Stone CZ Set by Niscka

A Jewellery Collection with the designs of the latest trends including all the collections like Traditional, Casual, Office, Party and Wedding the list is endless. We have everything you need. From the most versatile pieces of jewellery to the all-time classics. Here’s the link to the treasure, Niscka 

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