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Best Jewellery To Wear For Every Day Of Valentine's Week 2023

February is the month of love and couples from all around the world are found celebrating this special time of the year. Valentine’s week begins on the 7th of February and goes on till the 14th of February. Every day of this Valentine’s week has a different name and significance. People not only celebrate Valentine’s Day but the whole week by going out on romantic dates and trips


Valentine's Day Gifts


Given below is the rundown of the type of jewellery that you can style on every specific day this Valentine’s day to look elegant for yourself and for that special someone.

Best jewellery to wear on Rose Day 2023– February 7th

Valentine’s week starts with Rose Day and definitely you want to start this romantic week with a blast. Usually, on this day, the couple exchanges a Rose or a bouquet of Roses so we suggest that you go for something which will complement those beautiful roses. A minimal red necklace like the American Diamond Raspbessy Red Necklace Set from Niscka would be perfect to style on a royal red off-shoulder dress. If you like to keep it sober then try going for a single pendant like the Solitaire Pendant which is versatile and you can wear it on any coloured dress.




Best jewellery to wear on Propose Day 2023– February 8th

The next day is celebrated as Propose day where the couple confesses their feeling to each other. You surely want to look the best on this day as who knows that your loved one might take the extra step today. To make this day even more memorable you must wear something special. Luxury Blue American Diamond Necklace Set from Niscka would make a perfect choice over a silk gown. If you are expecting to get asked out today then you should style this Crescent Moon Pendant to have some extra luck on your side.



Best jewellery to wear on Chocolate Day 2023– February 9th

The third day is everyone’s personal favourite which is Chocolate Day. Chocolate has been the timeless love language. Sharing chocolates becomes very romantic on this day. This American Diamond Rhodium Sienna Necklace Set would be ideal for you to style on this day in a nice chocolate brown dress. Classic Star Shaped American Diamond Gold Plated Earrings are our primary pick of earrings for chocolate day. Those chocolates will taste even better if you are looking marvellous wearing our jewellery.



Best jewellery to wear on Teddy Day 2023– February 10th

Following chocolate day is Teddy Day which will be celebrated on 10th February. On this day the couple shares a Teddy as Giving your lover a teddy bear expresses your love for them. If you want to celebrate this day to the fullest then we suggest that you wear our statement earrings which are elegant and lightweight like American Diamond Crescent Moon Shaped Silver Plated Earring and Dangler Statement American Diamond Earrings.




Best jewellery to wear on Promise Day 2023– February 11th

This is the day you make big commitments to your loved ones. This is one of the most special days of Valentine’s week. Promise Day represents the need for commitment, trust, and integrity. You need to look bold on this day and to get that desired look you can try Niscka's Pearl Bracelet with CZ Stones along with Adjustable Linked Chain Choker.




Best jewellery to wear on Hug Day 2023– February 12th

Giving your loved one a tight warm hug is the best way to express your love for them. Hugs strengthen your bonds and even for a small duration of time, they make all your problems go away. You can wear something cosy and top it with a minimal earrings such as Gemma Drop Earrings to complete your look for the day.



Best jewellery to wear on Kiss Day 2023– February 13th

The second last of Valentine’s week is Kiss day. Giving your partner a kiss strengthens your relationship and increases your compatibility. We suggest you wear comfortable and minimal jewellery which set the right for those special moments. You can style a minimal pendant like Rose Gold Plated Designer Clef Key Pendant or a sober necklace like Tennis Necklace with Earrings to celebrate this special day.



Best jewellery to wear on Valentine’s Day 2023– February 14th

After all these days Valentine’s week comes to an end with Valentine’s Day. This is the most significant day for couples all around the world. The most romantic day of the year is celebrated on the 14th of February. Couples go out on dinner dates and romantic drives. It is essential that you look fabulous on this day. You can style our Butterfly Charm Necklace over your mini dress or wear CZ Mesh Chain Bracelet along with American Diamond Hoop Earrings and finish your look with a sober ring like the Princess American Diamond Ring.





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