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Bracelet Guide For Your Western Gowns

Gowns are the dressing statement which makes one look sophisticated and elegant on whichever occasions one decides to adorn. From the western style, it has carried its legacy to the Indo western style with utmost perfection and grace. Silver and Gold Plated Bracelets with the exotic embellishment of precious Cubic Zircons, colorful stones and pearls, especially for you! While preparing for a night/day celebration choosing a perfect fancy gown is not an easy task.

We need some level of imagination to understand and recognize what our heart desires for the occasion. When we know what we want, then we prepare ourselves for the next step i.e, to collect suitable information, outfit plus jewellery and other accessories for the occasion. 


Bracelets have been embraced by women since there is a diversification in the use of adornments. Women love to adorn jewellery as much as their choice of ensembles. Sometimes the outfit is prepared the way jewellery is selected and vice-versa is even more common. In the modern day, when we keep aside our bangles and wristwatches, we have elegant and classic bracelets. The Bracelets are fashionable and graceful at the same time, maintaining the sense of balance needed for the occasion. 

If you want your perfect Bracelet partner for your fancy wardrobes we have got you covered. The precious American Diamond Bracelets. Here’s the list of options from which you can explore.

Fine Body Bracelet for Simplicity and Class

Bracelets with a sleek body are the choice for women who want to adorn minimal jewellery for simple yet elegant looks. The bracelets embedded with the Cubic Zircons and a single lustrous stone are what one needs! Their simple look is enough to make you the charm of the occasion. Sometimes less is always more when you pick the perfect match! 

Tip: When you have a single stone embellished on the bracelet try choosing the piece which has the color matching your ensemble. The right choice of color will match your desired outfit and not look odd. 

Florals are Forever Glamorous

Bracelets with floral designs are the ones from which you cannot turn away! They are fancy and give the whole chic vibes you need with your look. You can always choose these when you have a floral designer gown. The patchwork design or the prints, anything works with your floral bracelets. It doesn’t necessarily have to be colorful for the fact. It can be simply a floral designer bracelet with American Diamond embellishment. Colorful can also be a perfect choice if it suits your fashion tastes. 

Tip: Try to keep a match of color if not with floral patterns. Or if you found one with minimal or no design with a perfect bracelet. That could also do wonders for the one. There are no harsh rules to go with fashion.

Gold or Silver: A Choice for Match Making

Gold Plated or Silver Plated can be chosen keeping in mind the design and colors used in your gowns. Some dresses have gold defining while others have silver and few can include both giving a balance. In our suggestion, pick the Gold ones when you have designs with the Gold Karigari and same goes for Silver. In the market, there are options available including both. You can choose according to your designer gown, considering the color plating. 

Tip: Keep the choice of plating in mind to not make your whole look odd and less appealing. When everything is perfect then why keep an option you are unsure about? Pick the best for yourself every time you want to shine like a big bright star! Silver or Golden, the choice is always yours!

Colorful Feisty Bracelets

The bracelets can also be embellished with colorful stones. For instance, you need a fancy bracelet which can match your geometric pattern gowns with colorful designs. The fine intricate stones make the one essential for your collection for two reasons. Firstly, you need it for your upcoming occasion and secondly, a Colorful Stone Embellished Bracelet is a classic pick for every occasion. When you dress up in your sarees or any other Indian ensemble. The one does wonder to uplift your overall look.

Tip: Keep both single stone and multicolor stone Bracelets for variety in your collections. You’d not wish to repeat them simultaneously. A great choice for your essentials! Period. 

You can always thank us later! We do not mind :) Also, everything aside, when you are confident enough to rock every look with your grace and elegance, everything else is secondary. Carry your outfit with a perfect smile oozing confidence to make you a diva and the most beautiful one in the room! 

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