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A Variety of Jewellery Collection: An Ornament For Every Occasion

Since the start of time Jewellery has been embraced by both men and women. The charisma of ornaments has been improving and never became dull. They existed and were honoured back then enormously. Till now, it’s still almost the same for some culturally trained families. Looking at the present scenario there has been a significant loss in history into bits and pieces which cannot be retrieved easily. Women used to dress up and wear the most significant jewellery pieces.

Back then, there was no such opportunity to embrace oneself with jewellery as they were just like a necessity, a common part of life. But with time, the importance was understood by our ancestors. They were used as amulets to protect themselves from negative energies around them. Like hatred, fear, anger, sadness and much more. They were used as shields for their emotional stability and well-being.

CZ Ring by Niscka

The importance was understood. A ring symbolising the eternal bond between both men and women. The ritual has been carried down the generations and still means a lot. Every piece of ornament has its uniqueness, style and spiritual essence which cannot be broken but embraced and exists even if you have zero ideas about it. Let’s take a deeper dive into ornaments which women carry and adorn each day of their life. 

There are ornaments women wear on their most important days of life. Marriage Ceremonies taking place in a Hindu household are very different from a Christian Wedding. A Hindu bride wears different ornaments like Maang Tikka, Earrings, Nath, Anklets and the list goes on.

The most important is Mangalsutra. It holds a significance which has been carried on for generations. The word Mangal means sacred and Sutra means thread. It denotes a union between two souls. It is very auspicious in Hindu Tradition.

Every bride wears Mangal Sutra tied by her husband. It protects the bond between the two from all the negative energies. It consists of Gold wire and Black Beads which help in destroying the distressing vibrations. The black beads absorb the negative energy before they can reach the bride and her husband. 

A Maang Tikka is a Traditional ornament that got its name owing to its placement in the centre hair parting of a woman's head. It made its first appearance in paintings and sculptures dated 5000 years ago, where both men and women sported the attractive hair ornament. According to Hindu mythology, the tikka rests between the forehead just right on the spot of the third eye, the sixth chakra.

It is the point where Shiv-Shakti combines to form ‘Ardhanarishvara’ signifying half male and half female, justifying why classical androgynous paintings feature both genders wearing the ornament. It is a spot where it represents the power of the soul. Both Maang Tikka and Mangalsutra are parts of women’s solahshringar.

necklace  Maang Tikka from Niscka

Not just in wedding culture, Jewellery is worn on an everyday basis. Every woman has a personal jewellery collection for each occasion. There are different jewellery pieces used on different occasions. For example, you cannot adorn a Maang Tikka to your office place. You’d need other jewellery pieces to wear as the environment demands. You can wear Stud Earrings, Pendant Necklace or just a Wrist Watch. Whatever your wish! Something subtle and easy looking. Nor too much or too little. We would like to give you tips for such cases: 

Whenever you wish to wear some jewellery pieces, you should wear and try different pieces at a time and always choose the one in which you are most comfortable and feel good instantly. You should listen to your intuitive body messages and then move forward with your look. You do not have to carry fashion sense in your head now and then! Just trust your body instincts and go for the most comforting ones! That’s how you can look beautiful and always on top of the fashion jewellery game.” 

Next, we have jewellery pieces for your fun times! Parties, dinner dates with your beloved or exceptional meet-ups with your girl gang. You should have the most colorful and classic pieces with ongoing trends. You can be all that you want! You can wear Big Hoops, Tassel Earrings, Stone Studded Rings and colorful Dangle/Drop Earrings.

Fashion accessories are very different from Traditional Jewellery. It has more specific enamelling like Meenakari, Kundan & Uncut Diamond Stones on Chandbali and Jhumka Earrings. American Diamond aka Cubic Zirconia and Swarovski Stone embellished Earrings look the most spectacular! These CZ Stones can be used in Traditional and Fashion jewellery designs. They are used according to the design and what will look best and in which facet of the jewellery body.

Every piece of Jewellery needs an occasion in which it’ll look the best. Today the styles have emerged a lot. As we said above, Mangalsutra has diversified its style. Niscka has a different style of Mangalsutra popularly known as Hand Mangalsutra, have a look.


Wedding Jewellery is a whole different genre. They have a lot of styles and designs that one can adorn. The jewellery for a birthday party would be totally different from the ones you’ll wear in your office. Every piece has its look and vibe. If you are confident enough you can rock the most fantastic ornaments. Just be graceful is all we can suggest to you!

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