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Why You Should Keep Anklets In Your Jewellery Collection: Etiquettes To Follow

Anklets have been a fashion trend in the West for a long time. But before that, they have a significant value in India. It was and still has been an important ornament for Indian Women. They have been worn by women literally for centuries. Popularly in India, it is known as payal, having a great spiritual and social significance rather than just a fashion trend. It is important in Hindu Wedding ceremonies. Even after marriage, it has been significantly important for women to wear them. They have been found in the Middle East and Egypt pointing to an emphasis they have emulated all across the culture since ancient times. Let's know a few pointers to understand the emphasis in our Hindu Culture.

  • Anklets worn by unmarried girls have small bells making a distinctive jingle while walking, thus drawing attention to the wearer’s feet and legs. A very easy and classic Indian style to strike up a conversation and find a husband! 
  • When family members used to sit together and they heard the sound of anklets, they would know the woman was coming and instantly welcome her with respect. 

    Payal is supposed to be an auspicious gift for a newly married bride. Kundan Payals, Meenakari enamelled Payals, are one of the best gift selections you can make for a newlywed bride. You can shop for beautiful Meenakari and Kundan Payal by Niscka.

    Although, mostly in some cultures women prefer to wear payal made of silver, not gold. Gold is understood as an auspicious metal so wearing them on feet is considered to be an ill omen in our Indian Culture. To wear it on the lowest body part is disrespectful unless it's for a holy gathering, where feet do not touch anything dirty.

    A special quality of anklets is that when one’s energy is not wasted but re-vibrated back to one’s body. It is a Hindu belief that our feet and hands are emanating energy constantly. Precious metals prevent the release of this constant flow of energy and insulate a person from negative environments. This is one of the scientifically proven facts.

    Women always wish to accessories their looks with all kinds of ornaments. Now in the market, we can find types of designer and fancy anklets and ankle bracelets which women can wear. They are made of colorful beads, shells, pearls, tiny pebbles, and whatnot! They can be worn with Traditional or casual outfits effortlessly. You can always wear your favorite piece of anklet irrespective of the fact that it may not match your outfit. Sometimes it can look tacky and just totally inappropriate. To avoid such mistakes, you can take a few tips to make sure your anklet etiquette is on point.

    • Almost anything can go with your anklets. To be honest it also depends on your taste and how you go about it. The most important part is to be comfortable in wearing your anklets. Some girls like to wear anklets all year round.  
    • It can be either worn left or right, there’s no hard rule. But you should not wear them over your socks. It looks very inappropriate. You should always wear them on bare legs only. 
    • You should not wear your jingling payals to your office. It can be very unprofessional.  
    • Noisy anklets are not appropriate for wearing in public. 

      Anklets as an ornament are loved by all women. With time variety and choices have diversified and so have the designs in the markets. You can even find exemplary pieces of Evil Eye and Fancy Shells and Colorful Bead Anklets. They are the ones you can wear on your Summer Day outing on beaches or at casual summer parties. 

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