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Exclusive Diamond Jewellery Collection From Niscka

Niscka has an impeccable quality Diamond Jewellery Collection. From precious gemstones to diamond cuts which have a fine finishing with top-notch quality. Every jewellery piece is an art. The handcrafted jewellery has laboratory-tested diamonds, the ones which you can always trust. Our Rose Gold Plating, Silver Plating has a sophisticated shine with detailing. The use of colors, mesmerising stones and intricate fancy designs. A collection which captures your heart till the end of time.  

Why Diamond Jewellery?

Diamonds have been women’s best friends for a lifetime now. You can always pair them with almost anything. Your traditional attires or simple dresses. With a hint of diamonds, everything becomes perfect. From choker sets to sleek designer necklaces, with the embellishment of gemstones making it unique. 

White is an all-time classic

Every woman chooses red as her personal favorite for weddings. But with changing times, the classic white has been winning hearts of all. We have seen in Bollywood Weddings, Anushka Sharma looked gorgeous at her wedding and recently Alia Bhatt made us drool with her classic white looks. 

Niscka has a glorious collection of American Diamond Jewellery, which includes Sets Of Maang Tikka with Earrings,  Necklace Sets with Earrings, or sets which have a Ring, Maang Tikka and a pair of Earrings. The royal pieces, all of them mostly with both the Silver and Rose Gold Plating, whatever you desire according to your skin tone. Sometimes, usually with Indian skin tones, it's difficult to find the right matching jewellery. Do not worry, we have got you covered and everything you could think of!

We have this sophisticated and glamorous pair of Silver Plated American Diamond Jewellery Set. The Set has an ultra-beautiful structure which sticks to your neck perfectly and stays up to your collarbone, you can show off your collar bones effortlessly in this one :))  

The style is unexplainably unique! Pair them with your White Indian Traditional Wardrobes.

Now we have this spectacular Maharani Haar with Earrings! The baguette cut diamonds are just super alluring because of the clear-cut finishing. Whatever we buy, we prefer to look keenly into detailing as women are the queens of detailing! Nobody can beat us in finding the exclusive fine detailing. So just a necklace made with tons of love and full of shimmer just for you! Pair them with your lehengas or any white saree. You definitely do not need anything else. The Set is just mesmerising on its own.

Now as promised, we also have a Rose Gold Plated Necklace. With Indian skin tones, it is quite a deal to find the perfect color for yourself. But at times, everything looks perfect when you feel good and are clear with your choices. This Rose Gold Plated Necklace is high in demand.

The special American Diamond Necklace Rhodium Plating with Emerald Diamond cuts. A necklace which captures your heart the moment you decide you want something special for yourself. For the women who like to wear something flashy and covered up with jewels! It is a Jewellery Set which you can always take out for your precious occasions. For the ones, you feel need your special appearance.

We showcased to you some of our favorite diamonds! There is a wide variety of jewels with Niscka which you will find nowhere but only with us! Shop online and get an experience of the luxury Jewellery Collection.

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