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The Rakhi season is around the corner. We are all prepped up for the new collection. The Sisters are already sending Rakhi parcels to the brother’s place. Raksha Bandhan is the day to celebrate the auspicious bond between brother and sister. The Rakhi ceremony happens with a small ritual of tying Rakhi to the brother’s wrist and exchanging sweets in the form of good wishes. After the ritual, the brother gifts his sister, as a form of blessing and showering his love and care for her. 

The Rakha Bandhan term specifically means the bond of protection, obligation and care. This ritual happens not only with real siblings but with cousins as well. We have a culture where women also tie Rakhi to their so-called Brother, the one who is not blood-related but the bond shared between the two made them be Rakhi brother and sister. This sets a good example that the love and protection bond can be shared with whomever we have a connection with.


Niscka has an impeccable Silver Rakhi Collection. The Rakhi with the emblem of Om, Mor Pankh and many more designs. Sisters prefer Rakhi for brother which gives him blessings and which can also give them a feeling of certain wearability. Niscka’s Silver Rakhi are light in weight and easy to wear. 

Firstly, we have Silver Om Rakhi with a suave and neat finish. The Rudraksha Beads in the Rakhi are a blessing to keep. A Rakhi is not distinctive but has a divine significance making it a special one with its charm. Have a look!

The Rakhi has a pretty design of Mor Pankh, which is auspicious in Hindu Tradition. The bansuri in the emblem makes this one a decent one. The magical element in this Rakhi is giving a deep spiritual reference to Lord Krishna.

The third Rakhi represents Lord Ganesha. A uniquely crafted Rakhi with super fine detailing. The pretty Red color thread with this one balances all the colors in the Rakhi.

The last Silver Rakhi has a single Rudraksha and Lord Ganesha emblem. With the impressive shine, your brother can cherish this one forever. A special Rakhi and one of a kind!

Niscka will help you in this Rakhi 2022 to make your brother feel loved and special! We have an entire beautiful collection which you can shop and choose the most auspicious and pretty Rakhi for your brother.

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