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Nath and Its Significance

A nose pin or Nath is an accessory which every Indian Woman likes to adorn. There’s no doubt about that. Married or not married, all have a nose pin in their jewellery collection. There’s a beautiful significance of Nath in the Hindu Culture. It is believed that when a woman wears a nose pin Goddess Parvati blesses the one with abundant love and care from her partner.  

Nath and Its Significance

It is a jewellery which adds a special look to a woman's face. A nose pin can be worn regularly but a Nath is usually worn on certain occasions. The styles available are studs or big statement nose pins. The studs are minimal and are available with different types of Stones or Oxidised body nose pins with a single stone embellishment.

 Nowadays, girls have also started wearing septum nose rings. The culture is not new. In ancient times, Aboriginals used to wear septum piercings to beautify and they used a long bone to flatten the nose. The rings were especially famous among warrior cultures. The septum piercing signifies success and shows the way into manhood while returning from a soul-searching journey in the wilderness. It was a sign of rebellion. And it is a fashion trend these days before that it was a part of rich and ancient culture.

Niscka has a spectacular variety of Traditional Nath/Nathiya Collection. They are Gold Plated and decorated with pretty pearls and the Kundan Stones with colorful beads. The designs you should have in your collection if you are a true culture lover! And as a woman, I know you are ;) Look for the one which makes you feel best in the first look.

We have this pretty pearl string Nathiya with a minimalistic design. It is simple with a big hoop. The tiny pearl beaded chain is the central beauty of the Nath and the best part it has a ball pin closure, so you do not have to worry if you do not have your nose pierced.

An intricately handcrafted Meenakari art with Pearl Nathiya. Minimal in size with a beaded chain. The Meenakari art is the enamelling of color in the body of the jewellery. Art needs a great amount of dedication. This one is distinctive from all with its charming color and shape. Made especially for the women who like to keep it minimal but attractive at the same time.

Now we have an alluring Floral Nath which has Kundan Stones and a Pearl. The hoop of the Nathiya is medium. This eccentric piece is for the woman who wants something appealing for herself.

An alluring Maharashtrian Style Gold Plated Nath with Kundan Stone embellishment and pearls. It is a Nathiya with designer Maharashtrian style, popular across India for its unique cashew nut shape. This one has a big hoop with fine detailing. Try one for yourself!

Last but not least is a statement Nath from Niscka. It has a big hoop size and the detailings are done with quite delicate stones and pearls. It is very light in weight, as we assure that. Easy to carry with its chain and an attached hook. A statement Nath is the one which helps the person to express their personality. If you want to express the best version of yourself, buy this one! It will make you feel beautiful and in your best traditional form.

The Nath collection has the most delicate designer pieces. You can shop any one of them and try on your own which styles suits you the best. All the Naths are light in weight with superb quality. Wear on any occasion. The cultural or religious occasions, the best way to style them is to wear Indian Traditional outfits.

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