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Jewellery For Haldi Ceremony By Niscka

The ceremony is held at the beginning of the wedding rituals and is one of the most auspicious pre-wedding rituals. The ceremony is usually held in the mornings at the residence of both the bride and groom. It’s a part you cannot miss out on. It includes all the fun and playfulness with the delicious foods and enjoying traditional songs on this day. The theme we follow during this ceremony is Yellow because of Haldi rituals. Every outfit and even the decor is yellow.

We put Haldi on the face, neck, hands and feet of the bride-to-be and groom-to-be, unmarried friends & family included. The paste is prepared with Haldi, curd, gram flour and sandalwood to enhance the Haldi’s after-effect. Turmeric helps in purifying and cleansing. It is well known for its exfoliating properties.

Dressing for the function is the main aim for the girls. Everything else comes second but choosing what to wear during these weddings is the priority. But the only thing that makes us feel tired is choosing the right jewellery for the occasion. The color we choose for the function is yellow and sometimes it becomes tough to find the right yellow color jewellery for the day. Niscka brings you tons of varieties which you could choose from. We provide the best Jewellery Sets and Collections. Here are some of the pieces from Yellow Collection you can choose from:

The Jewellery Set has two yellow shades, one is bright and the other is light yellow with a white base and a Maang Tikka and Pair of Earrings. Work done on them is Meenakari Art and embellished with Kundan Stones. Made with Love. 





This Beaded Maang Tikka Set is a magnificent handcrafted design. Maang Tikka has a precious beaded chain. A perfect Yellow Jewellery for your Haldi outfit. 



Niscka also has wide variety of Yellow Minimalistic pair of earrings and Jhumkas. We have everything you can think of. Happy Shopping with Niscka!







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