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Jewellery for Reception and Cocktail Party

The wedding season is around the corner some of them must be lined up with cocktail parties and receptions. These parties do not carry any theme in particular. You can go on with Traditionals or Formals. You can pick from sober to classic, elegant to sexy. Anything that works best and in your favour when you carry it with confidence and grace. 

Dressing up for a cocktail party can be quite stressing and confusing as you do not have to carry any specific theme but have to be dressed most elegantly. You certainly don’t want to look overdressed or way too mildly dressed as the occasion does have a certain charm to it. You can't afford to just be present there casually. Some degree of dainty or classic wear is appreciated.  

Once you decide on the dress for the night you have to find the right match of jewellery. Your look will be incomplete without shimmery and glimmery Jewellery. Jewellery is there for you to just complete your whole look. You cannot afford to miss out on classic jewellery this Wedding Season from Niscka. We are bringing you a wide range of American Diamond Collection with loads of special offers only for this Wedding Season 2022.Check them out below: 


This flawless Jewellery Set has all the shimmer you need for the night. Very glamorous and beautifully handcrafted. 



An elegant bracelet for the special night of celebration. Made with lots of elegance and grace! 






This beautifully handcrafted Flower Motif American Diamond with Pink Gemstone Earrings is a classic one.





Decide on a piece of perfect jewellery for the season and rock the night with your elegance and grace. Happy Shopping with Niscka!

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