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Matchmaking is an art. A combination of different elements should look perfectly gorgeous and compliment each other. When you decide to dress up for your day ahead, go to the office, or maybe have an upcoming function in your home, matching your every outfit with your jewellery collection can become a tough job when you have a chaotic schedule or just have less time for yourself. As I said in the beginning matchmaking is an art, complimenting your favourite wardrobes with exact jewellery which matches your outfit, you need some tips to remember which you can follow through every day before making a wrong move in fashion.
Although fashion statements do not have to be followed like some "rules". We all love experimenting. Rules are just followed to make you understand what can match with what without dulling the grace of the elements you choose to wear. Every piece of dress we decide to buy has its unique neckline. Neckpieces should be worn while keeping in mind the design of the necklines. Whatever you decide to wear, the combination should look effortless. 
Niscka has summoned up tips for you to pick the fair design of neckpiece with the matching neckline, which compliments your outfit and does not make it look awkward because of the wrong pick.
Scoop Neckline: They are deeper, have wider necklines and look virtually flattering. You can wear a single chain with or without a pendant in this simple yet very chic neckline. This one is very common. You can make it look graceful and classic at the same time with a beautiful piece of silver or gold plated chain with a pendant. Single chains are fine but a pendant will make it more attractive. Niscka has a wide range of chains and pendants. One of our pieces is displayed below 
Boat Necklines: Boat necklines are perfect to show off your collar bones as they are wide. Sometimes they also give an illusion of better posture. You should wear a thin necklace with a long pendant for an ideal match. Niscka has plenty of thin necklaces. This piece looks whimsical when carried with boat necklines. 
Yellow Pendant 
Strapless Necklines: They look very appealing and gorgeous because you can show off your beautiful skin and collar bones effortlessly. Wearing neckpieces with this one you can go on with lots of creativity. You can choose thin or thick chains whatever you prefer. Even short ones with volume look amazing on these strapless necklines. Niscka has two beautiful Necklace Sets for you which you can match with your strapless necklines:
 Oxidised Pendant  Pearl Necklace 
For V-Necklines: They are always fresh and very causal. Usually helps you to enhance the length of your neck and torso. They can be paired best with a similar triangular v-shaped necklace. Niscka presents you with our exclusive Gold Chain Double Layer Evil Eye neckpiece to match with v-necklines. Suits best with this one. Layer up and be pretty for the day.
 Evil Eye Pendant
Every piece of jewellery should be carried with utmost grace and confidence. When you pair your jewellery with something you should feel confident in it immediately and are always comfortable. If something feels off then you should probably don’t go for it. Niscka is always present for you with guidance and assures you of valuable advice. 

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