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Raksha Bandhan Gift Tips by Niscka

 Raksha Bandhan, popularly known as Rakhi, is a festival of brotherhood and love. It is celebrated in the month of Sravana on a Full Moon Day. The word Raksha means protection and Bandhan is a verb to tie. Traditionally when Rakhi is tied to a brother’s wrist it becomes his duty to protect her sister religiously. In Hindu Tradition, it is believed that rakhi removes sin from one hand and provides safety to another. 

When rakhi is tied to a man's wrist he gifts his sister some monetary amount as an appreciation but with changing times giving gifts, as a promise of care and a token of love is more appreciated by sisters. A monetary gift has become outdated. Gifting someone something has a personal thought to it.   

Gifts show appreciation and love for another person. On a personal level receiving money on rakhi can be a boring choice. We should think of something which a girl will adore when we give them. After all, women admire gifts more than anything. They are always ready to be love-bombed by gifts. Although, we can get stuck sometimes when we can’t decide what to gift on Rakhi. Niscka would like to present you with some of our ornaments which you can gift to your sisters as a token of love. 

Jewellery is forever needed for women. New trends and new designs get upgraded so should women's jewellery collection. Niscka presents you with our valuable and on-demand pieces of jewellery just for you, you can follow and buy some of these for your lovely siblings. 

Here’s the list for you: 

  • Our beautifully handcrafted Kanha Pankh Oxidised Jewellery is studded with precious Kundan stones. Krishna is a symbol of eternal love and peace. Brother-sister bond is eternally appreciated. Gifting this to your sister would be the best of all choices.
Raksha Bandhan Gift Tips by Niscka
    • These exclusive Winged Rose Gold Plated Earrings are a pretty choice for gifting. They are precious-looking because of their unique style. Usually, girls prefer small jewellery to match their regular casual days. This pair would be adored by most of them.  
      Raksha Bandhan Gift Tips by Niscka

      • These beautiful Cyan Stone American Diamond Flower Motif Earrings are a classic piece of Niscka. It's handcrafted with so much of define finishing. Gifting this to your sibling can bring a charm to her face and being impressed by your choice would be her first expression.  

      Raksha Bandhan Gift Tips by Niscka


      • Lastly, we have these Stones and American Diamond Embellished Earrings. This piece is a glamorous one. Does your sister like to dress up all the classic glamour and chic? This will compliment her the most. Pick this piece as a gift for her and give her new favourite jewellery for this season. 

        Rakhi season is to be celebrated with all love and happiness we have got for our brothers and sisters. It’s a precious one to leave behind without sharing your love with your family. Niscka is bringing exciting offers and a new jewellery collection that you desire. Buy gifts from us and get exciting deals. Happy Shopping with Niscka!

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