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Wedding Jewellery To Amp Up Your Style This Season

The winter is bringing the most awaited celebration for all the going-to-be brides and women who are ready to be part of the grand wedding invitations. When you decide to choose wedding jewellery with your matching outfits it can give you tough times. As a woman, I know sometimes it can get hectic to decide what will look best and match your outfits. This all-time problem from centuries for all women can be solved while keeping a small thought in mind. Always choose the jewelry in which you feel the most comfortable. That’s the best advice to follow and keep in mind before choosing the jewelry for yourself.

Designer Bridal Necklace Set

For the time-saving process, you need to know what type of jewellery you want to adorn this season. Will it be Silver Plated, Gold Plated or brilliantly embellished with American Diamonds and colorful stones and beads? You can choose the best for yourself when you know what you want. With Niscka you can find the right pair for yourself. Colorful or the most sparkling jewellery, you pick what you need.

Designer Fashion Rings

You can pick from our latest American Diamond Collection effortlessly. We will tell you how you can match your outfit and jewellery keeping in mind the pros and cons of the looks you can face. Sometimes matching the jewelry can be easy, but for example, the Maang Tikka you chose may or may not match your face shape or the Necklace you decided to adorn may not match perfectly with your neckline. There are many scenarios in which you can feel stuck and confused. Here’s a little guide from Niscka to choose the best possible jewelry for yourself this wedding season. 


 Choker necklaces have been admired by women for centuries now. It is famous in Western regions as well. They give an aesthetic and pleasing look whenever adorned with any type of outfit. Plus point of a choker necklace is that it can be adorned with almost all necklines. But there are a few things to keep in mind before buying a choker necklace. You cannot adorn them with high necklines and turtle necklines. They can cover your jewelry and there will be a blunder and you do not want that. 

Choker Necklace looks best with Spaghetti and Plunging Necklines. Both necklines will let your necklace enhance beautifully. The open neck will let your necklace shine gracefully.  You can style our latest and fanciful American Diamond Choker Necklace with the Dangler Earrings. They have brilliantly round-cut American Diamonds. The center Emerald Cut stone is the center of attraction. 


Layered Necklaces  have been admired by women since the start of time. One can wear different pieces of a necklace or a single piece of jewelry that has multiple layers. Both can look wonderful when you pair them with the right choice of outfit. Keep the color combination in mind with the type of outfit you are going to adorn. We will showcase to you our best and most loved product. Its fine color with beautiful design motifs made with an embellishment of American Diamonds brings the gracefulness and charm you need with your desired look.

This will look best with scoop and portrait necklines. The layers can be seen beautifully with the help of these two easy necklines. You will even get the fanciful pair of Dangling Earrings and a Maang Tikka is also included in the Jewellery Set. This will make your look complete and unique.

You can adorn the Necklace with classic white attire, an all-time favorite of women. Or else, black attire is also a spectacular choice with this one. Last but not least you can match them with all your orange hues. Will be a lovely pick for sure! Try it once and you’ll have a lovely experience with the one, Niscka’s promise :)


Tear/Water Drop designs look adorable! They are admired in every form and every piece of adornment. The sharper the design it’ll look more fascinating to adorn. You can have different jewelry pieces with the same design and it looks beautiful on every woman. During this wedding season buy something unique and different from all gold and silver. Choose a necklace set with pretty hydro stones which gives a luster one cannot ignore. A perfect set for the perfect woman!

We have the beautiful-looking Tear Drop designed necklace set. It has a design making it more prominent in length in the center. That is why we would suggest wearing the beautiful necklace set with a sweetheart neckline. It will enhance the necklace design very well. Also, it’s best to carry the necklace with pink, red, or black-based ensembles. As the body of the necklace has a black polish. So the colors can be enhanced gracefully in this one. Have a look:


Maang Tikka Sets are in fashion trends more than ever now. It can be a perfect accessory for bridesmaid jewelry. The American Diamond Collection never goes out of fashion, so once again it comes as a savior. We have Maang Tikka Sets with different jewelry materials. We have them in Meenakari, Kundan, Gold Plated, Rose Gold Plated, Silver Plated, and with the embellishment of American Diamonds.

You can choose MaangTikka Sets when you have a Turtle or High Necklace. It can be easy to only show off your Dangling/Drop/Jhumka Earrings with different shapes and sizes of Maang Tikka. The only thing to remember before choosing a Maang Tikka is that it should compliment your face shape. A design and size which will enhance your facial features. You can learn more about that from our guide: Versatility of Maang Tikkas.

But for now, we will leave you with our most loved Maang Tikka this wedding season. The colorful stones give leverage to wear the Maang Tikka with every colored wardrobe. Choose your favorite this season!


Elongated Jewellery designs are finely crafted with precision. It takes the space mostly below your beauty bone because the design is beneath, that’s why Deep Scoop and V-Neck are best with the option to go with them.

You can match the set beautifully with all your Traditional and Western outfits. Sometimes even during wedding occasions, one likes to wear different types of attire rather than Traditional. You can choose from the western options very easily. The set we will showcase to you perfectly matches your attire.

We have a design with Emerald Green Stone attached to the Jewellery Set. It is one of the most distinctive designs from our collection. Sophisticated and a piece of art! It will go with all colors beautifully. Make sure the necklace you choose is deep and gives a space to enhance the style of the necklace making it the center of attraction and serving your awaited look.


Diamonds are women’s favorite! No doubt about that. They have been admired by women for ages now. A necklace is a must for every special occasion, especially for weddings. Somehow, for a change, you can go for big fanciful earrings. Big and bold Statement Earrings can make you look attractive when paired with a High or Turtle Neckline. They will make them more prominent and catchy.

We have beautifully handcrafted Swarovski and Cubic Zirconia embellished Earrings. Their dazzling luster is what you need for the day. Look for different designer Earrings including Jhumka Earrings, Dangle/Drop Earrings, Hoop Earrings, Chandelier Designer Earrings, and much more variety on our online store. Check for the latest designs and trends in earrings and choose the best wedding jewelry for yourself. Here is one of the latest designs with precious materials.

Artificial jewelry looks very alluring and one wants to cherish the piece for a lifetime. The materials are quite different from real materials like gold, silver, and diamonds. Artificial jewelry has to be taken care of very attentively. Here are a few tips to follow:

  • Keep your Jewellery away from harmful chemicals like hair sprays, perfumes, and make-up sprays. Always take off any kind of artificial jewelry before going for a shower.
  • Water will cause shine tarnish. Always wear jewelry after doing your make-up. Sometimes makeup products cause both color and shine tarnish.
  • Take off your jewelry before going for heavy physical activities as the sweat will cause a loss in luster. Our body sweat has salty and all other chemicals which can react and cause loss of shine.

Swarovski materials are more precious than any other material in artificial jewelry. A delicate material that has to be handled with care. To keep them in the best condition here are a few points to keep in mind:

  • Store them in the original packaging. You can also choose a soft pouch to avoid scratches. Avoid water contact.
  • Always remember to remove before hand washing or showering. Avoid hard contact that can cause scratches to the crystal.

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