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Tips on Buying Wedding Season Jewellery

Wedding Season is here and the preparations have started to look the best in the room. Jewellery for bride or bridesmaid, everything is in demand more than ever now. Choosing a different necklace design design is a must. Every year the design changes and brings in the freshest and fanciful patterns. When the jewellery motifs change, so does our choice. Trying different designs should be your focus and not repeating the ones you already adorned. 

When we talk about bridal jewellery, everything is needed in the topmost latest form. A bride’s jewellery is special and when one decides to adorn the jewellery for her special day she should be the most beautiful woman in the room. Indian brides usually prefer gold-toned jewellery for their wedding attires. Gold is a favourite color for almost all women. And in weddings Gold is preferred rather than Silver or Diamond Jewellery.

Tips on Buying Wedding Season Jewellery

There are tons of designs in the market but you are the one who has to choose for yourself. Whether it's a dress or a jewellery set. There are ample designs with the most unique textures and materials. From Gold Toned Kundan Jewellery to brilliantly cut American Diamonds. You can choose anything. A piece of jewellery to enhance your bridal look. Recently Alia Bhatt, Richa Chaddha, Katrina Kaif and other Bollywood divas adorned the most precious Kundan Polki Jewellery on their special days. The most impactful look was of Alia Bhatt. You can read much more about Bhatt and Richa Chaddha's jewellery and wardrobes during their wedding ceremonies. Alia Bhatt's Heritage Wedding Jewellery and Wedding Ceremony Tale by Niscka (RiAli)

Buying Wedding Season Jewellery

The bride's jewellery has to be different from the rest of all. There have to be different designs for the bride as well as other women in the ceremony. The designs for bridesmaids are quite distinctive as well. Not that they are less alluring or the jewellery sets available are less in price. The costs can take up to more than you expected according to the jewellery design. 

Some pieces have very delicate precise motifs with precious materials like kemp, Polki Kundan, gold plating, rhodium plating, silver plating or embellishment of American Diamonds. Sometimes the pricing can vary and move out of your budget. You can look for jewellery on your budget very easily. Find the right match for yourself within your budget on Niscka. We have everything you need! Here’s the list of every jewellery type you can adorn. Here we go:

Gold Plated Jewellery 

There is Gold Toned jewellery which every woman admires. Gold is the favourite of the women who are going to attend high-vibe ceremonies. The color has the mesmerising shine which goes with almost all Indian ensembles. You can choose to adorn Gold necklaces, Nath, Gold Bangles and all other accessories. We have a beautiful Gold Toned Jewellery Collection. Have a look at the beautiful Gold Plated Necklace with Kundan, Meenakari and Pearl embellishment.

Today’s time women have started admiring Nath. They are available in designs like Maharashtrian Nath, Kundan Nathiya and Meenakari-designed Nathiya. In short, everything you need for your ceremony and with all your outfits. Here’s one of our latest Kundan Stone and Pearl embellished Nathiya. They give a completely sophisticated look when adorned with Indian ensembles.

You can choose Gold Plated Bangles as well. You can choose between Kada Bangles or Kangan Bangles as per the look you want to create this season. The fancy Kundan Stone Bangles look great on an everyday basis as well. We have Traditional Ponchi Bangles as well. These are used for special occasions mostly, famous for Rajasthani/Rajputi brides. Here is one of Niscka’s Ponchi Bangle Set.


  • You can always wish to layer your Gold Necklace with the other long statement Gold Necklace. The only thing to keep in mind is that they should not cover the individual jewellery design or for the record they should not overlap each other.
  • Always choose the set which has a matching color to your decided outfit. You can choose the different yellow-gold shine with your outfits. It can be rose gold, bright yellow gold and impon jewellery.
  • Always choose to experiment with your look. Do not get too comfortable following the old styles. Always remember to create a statement look.
  • Confidence is your best accessory. You can also decide to mix and match different metals. Make sure they compliment your look.
  • American Diamonds and Gold Jewellery look the best with any ensemble.

    Silver Plated Jewellery 

    Every piece of adornment has its uniqueness. Gold has a lustrous shine on the other hand Silver has a classic subtle shine. You can choose between the two according to your outfits. When you have silver embroidery on your outfit, that’s when you should decide to pick silver-plated jewellery for the occasion. An attractive pick for every occasion. We have a gorgeous collection of Silver Plated Jewellery. Maang Tikka Sets are one of our speciality. You can choose a Maang Tikka design according to your face cut. Here is a little guide from Niscka for the same. Versatility of Maang Tikkas.

    You can adorn beautiful Silver Plated Rings embellished with American Diamonds. They are a classic pick for every woman. They also look perfect with your casual ensembles. If you are a fan of Ring, you can always go for Solitaire Rings. A sophisticated choice for every occasion. Single stone rings need no other accessory to stack with it together. They are solely perfect for each outfit!


    • Silver Jewellery looks perfectly well with all your ensembles. 
    • You can add Cubic Zirconia with Silver Jewellery easily. 
    • You can match them with your western as well as traditional outfits. Looks best with Kanjeevaram and Banarasi.
    • It compliments all skin tones so you do not have to worry about that. 
    • Do not forget to experiment with your look and your smile is your greatest accessory.

      Wedding Seasons are the vibes one cannot turn away without having loads of fun and making cheerful memories. Every woman wants to be the best dressed in the room. For that, you might need our help! You can always contact us to choose the perfect jewellery for yourself with your outfit. We will showcase to you our most prominent pieces of jewellery within your budget which will make you feel and look beautiful at the same time. The virtual call with us can help you solve all our queries and bring you the same jewellery you need for yourself. Drop your requests at Contact Niscka

      The quality Niscka provides is top-notch. You cannot doubt that for sure! We have everything you need for your Wedding Season. We’ve already talked about Gold Plated and Silver Plated Jewellery now we have our saviour American Diamond Jewellery Sets in our hands. Here’s a little about AD jewellery. 

      American Diamond Jewellery with Tips 

      The Jewellery we decide to wear on the Wedding Occasions has to be the latest design and style. You can never stay behind the trends. The only rule is to follow that there are no rules to adorn jewellery! American Diamond looks perfectly well with all your attires. The colors like white, silver, grey, red, black, light blue, baby pink, wine, mauve and all these perfectly beautiful colors are a perfect match for your American Diamond Jewellery. A little advice to carry with your traditional attires, when you have a mix of Gold and Silver color attire, you can choose AD jewellery easily. If it is just of Gold color design, go for Gold Plated jewellery and if it is mixed then you know where to move!

      Tips on Buying Wedding Season Jewellery

      Maang Tikka Sets with Cubic Zirconia Stones, a perfect pick for every occasion. We have the fine embellishment of CZ Stones on Rose Gold, Yellow Gold and Silver Plated jewellery. The best part about American Diamond Jewellery is that it goes perfectly well with all outfits. It takes your look a level higher and makes you look spectacular during the functions. Here are a few of our American Diamond Jewellery Collection: 

      A necklace set with Hydro Stones and American Diamonds. Fine quality with luxury materials to enhance your outfit for the occasion. Pair the beautiful Set with your white or red base sarees. You’ll look no less than a queen for sure!

      Pearls can never go out of fashion! They are woman’s favorite after Diamonds. A classic beauty to adorn to create a timeless luxurious look. We have an amazing Pearl Pendant Necklace Set to match your outfits. You can wear the Pendant Set on occasions like Reception or casual ceremony during the wedding. Have a look:

      We hope you liked our collection. You can look for more colorful and beautiful handcrafted and handpicked jewellery collections directly from our online store (Niscka). Grab your favorite pieces for this Wedding Season a create a statement and unique look.

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